Creative Works

Book & Lyrics by Clive Francis 

Music by Charles Miller

ALICE THE MUSICAL is based on Lewis Carroll’s story about a young girl who falls into a deep sleep whilst being read a book by her sister, and has the most wonderful dream; a dream which immediately becomes a nightmare.

First of all, the Cheshire Cat introduces us to the mysterious world of Wonderland, and the inhabitants that live there. Then we meet a whole host of characters including the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, the Queen and, of course, the Mad Hatter! Will Alice wake up in time not to lose her head?


A New Musical
Book & Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds
Music by Charles Miller

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A Musical Comedy
Book & Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds
Music by Charles Miller
It's 1958 - a time of rock and roll, space discovery, and great hope for a bright future. But trouble is brewing at the Whitney Ellis Private School For Girls. Only days away from the opening night of the end of term musical, 'Rocket Girl', the leading lady is knocked unconscious with a sandbag. Once again, it is up to our favorite teenage sleuth, Brenda Bly, to solve the crime, catch the crook and save the day.

Book & Lyrics by Peter Quilter
Music by Charles Miller

Charming, funny and tuneful family show for all ages adapted from the original story by Oscar Wilde.

by Kevin Hammonds

A comedy theatre 'sitcom' in 6 parts.

Book by Ariel Dorfman

Music & Lyrics by Eric Woolfson

A musical inspired by the Korean play “Sanbul” (Forest Fire) written by the Korean playwright Cham Bum-Suk. The musical was commissioned by leading Asian theatre production company Seensee.
Dancing Shadows takes place in a village in the mountains where only women are left – all the men have died or been sent to fight in a war. A young girl hides a man who has run away from the army, and falls in love with him, but her friend finds out and also falls in love with the man. The story is about their triangular relationshiop against a background of a futile war.


A Musical
Book, Music & Lyrics by Eric Woolfson

GAMBLER is a story of passion, addiction and seduction. A casino boss, a young man, a showgirl and a countess are the main characters, whose fates are intimately linked by an obsession with the mysterious secret of the cards.

The world premiere of GAMBLER took place in October 1996 in Monchengladbach, Germany where it ran for 18 months.

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A Musical
Book, Music & Lyrics by Eric Woolfson

The story of Gaudi, the musical, explores a writer’s dilemmas in sustaining artistic integrity, financial success and family life. Set against the backdrop of the buildings of Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudi, the story winds between visual fantasy and the tragic reality of personal obsession.
Over half a million people have seen the musical in Germany alone. There have been three productions of Gaudi in Germany:- Stadt Theater in Aachen; Euro Music Hall in Alsdorf, and Euro Dome in Cologne, a 1,750 seat theatre which was purpose built for the show. 

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A Musical Comedy
Book & Lyrics by Glenn Chandler
Music by Charles Miller

The shocking true story!

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A new farce by Kevin Hammonds

After learning The New York Times is putting same sex partners in the engagement section, a gay couple go to ultimate extremes to impress a Times editor into putting their nuptial announcement in his paper.


A Comedy Play
by Kevin Hammonds & Eric Hunt

While trying to deliver an order, a hapless deliveryman finds himself entangled in a seemingly unending sequence of personal conflicts, lover’s quarrels, and family disputes of a six story New York apartment building, and all it’s inhabitants. As he visits each apartment, trying to complete his delivery, he becomes a mediator, conciliator, hero, lover, friend and in some cases enemy to the strange denizens of this wild abode.

With a cast of seven (4 males, 3 females), the Delivery Man is played by the same one actor, while three women and three men play the multiple and varied residents of a crazy if not typical New York City brownstone.


A New Musical
Book & Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds
Music by Charles Miller

On a remote island torn apart by war, three newcomers arrive by boat with promise of a bridge connecting the island of Hope to modern civilization. As the newcomers campaign the islanders to embrace change and move on, they find themselves falling in love with the island and the women who inhabit it.

Faith, devotion and a community’s awesome power of denial are themes in this magical musical with a lush score. Consisting of nine female roles, five male roles, and a large female ensemble, Hope is a heart-warming, heart-breaking and evocative piece that leaves audience members talking long after the curtain falls.


A New Musical Comedy

Music by Charles Miller

Book and Lyrics by Tim Sanders

Original Concept by Paul Carpenter

Jason seeks the Golden Fleece and Hera, the Queen of Heaven, needs a man.

Standing in their way is a trio of bickering New York goddesses, the bong-toting King of Colchis and Medea, a teenage sorceress who never asked for the gig. But when Aphrodite decides to cast a spell of her own, love is in serious danger of Conquering all!

Sail with the Argonauts, twerk on the beach and dive into a pool party on Paradise Heights - there’s even a Greek Chorus to sing off the chandeliers! Here's one big fat Greek legend that’s guaranteed to explode a few myths...

A Musical
Book by James Burn & Ian Poitier

Music & Lyrics by James Burn

Legacy Falls:A Musical Comedy is a satirical celebration of the vanity and inanity of America’s Favorite Soap Opera.

Faced with falling ratings and the relentless grind of the celebrity rumor mill, the stars of our daytime drama are desperate to stay on the air – mostly.


A Musical Comedy
Book & Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds
Music by Charles Miller

Real Estate shark, Kyle Prescott has his marching orders: Tear down a New York City homeless shelter in order to build a Cineplex – even if it is one week before Christmas. Kyle is humbled and amazed when he meets older resident Nick who has amnesia but also a giving spirit, even under such dire circumstances.

Meanwhile, as Christmas grows near, the elves at Santa’s Workshop have concerns of their own: Santa has been missing for nearly a year, and the workshop supervisor, Dolly, has no intentions of looking for him. Two of Santa’s best helpers, Scooter and Jack, head off to Santa’s last known whereabouts: New York City.

With his supervisor breathing down his neck, Kyle is feeling pressure to shut down the shelter, but when he learns that Nick was found unconscious in a Santa suit, he starts to believe that his new friend may be the actual Santa Claus. As the hustle and bustle of Christmas in New York builds to a frenzy, so does the action-packed twists and turns of this hysterical and heart-warming new family musical. This soon-to-be classic is filled with rousing Broadway tunes, and touching Christmas songs that will get even the most jaded city dweller in the holiday spirit.


A New Musical
Book & Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds
Music by Charles Miller
Conceived by Kevin Hammonds & Steven Dexter

Fifteen director chairs are lined across the stage. On one chair the letters clearly read STAR, but other chairs don't have such positive outcomes written on them: PORN STAR, CHORUS, HOUSEWIFE, ACCOUNTANT, NUN, etc.

A group of young people arrive in New York City to seek their fame
and fortune on Broadway. Full of hopes and dreams they start their journey on the bumpy road to stardom, knowing what the audience knows as well - There is a director's chair for each of them.

One by one they must accept their fates and take the chair that belongs to them. This touching, hilarious and at times gritty show follows them on their paths to success or failure, and the many places in between.


A Musical

Music, Lyrics and Original book by Eric Woolfson 

Additional music by Nick Finlow
Book and additional lyrics by Stephen Clark
Book Development by Stephen Clark and Lorna Woolfson

Edgar Allan Poe was one of the world's most influential writers and 2009 marked the 200th anniversary of his birth. He was the inventor of the Detective Novel and the Father of Science Fiction. Sherlock Holmes was based on a character Poe wrote 60 years before Conan Doyle and he is universally acknowledged as the inspiration of writers such as H G Wells (War of the Worlds), Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and as George Bernard Shaw said "We others simply take off our hats and let Mr Poe go first".

Lesser known are the intriguing details of Poe's remarkable life, which inspired his works. His mother dying in his arms when he was three years old, being forcefully separated from his first love, the tragic death of his young wife and his misplaced trust in Rufus Griswold, a rival poet motivated by jealousy and hatred. Even Poe's death is shrouded in the mystery he became so famous for creating.

These real events from Poe's bizarre life intertwined with some of his greatest works, form the basis of the story of this new musical.


A New Musical
Book & Lyrics by Tim Sanders
Music by Charles Miller
Based on the novella by Rebecca West

The Return of the Soldier is an intimate new chamber musical based on Rebecca West's celebrated 1918 novel of the home front.

An intensely bitter-sweet tale dissects the very different love of three women for Christopher. When he returns from the war with shell-shock, there are profound consequences for each of them.

With a cast of five, this powerful new music drama with its rich and arresting score, becomes an eloquent treatise on the nature of love, truth, memory and loss. In the end, only an extraordinary sacrifice will restore a fragile status quo.


A New Musical
Book & Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds
Music by Charles Miller

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The Musical Comedy by The Kielty Brothers


A Musical
Book & Lyrics by Kevin Hammonds
Music by Charles Miller

New York, New Year's Eve 1999 - the dawn of a new millennium - and Jennifer West's intimate dinner party for close friends and family begins to fall apart upon the discovery that her husband has been having an affair. To make matters worse, she realizes that the unknown mistress is one of eleven party guests. As the hosts confront their unraveling marriage, new resolutions, past mistakes, and an uncertain future merge into an explosive and life-altering evening.